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DIY jewelry storage ideas - Creative ways to display and organize

DIY jewelry storage ideas – Creative ways to display and organize

Probably your jewelry is placed in a practical but boring jewelry box. With these clever DIY jewelry storage ideas you can let your rocks sparkle like true decorative objects! With our tips the simple wooden boxes are transformed into real treasure chests, an old picture frame ennobled with stylish upholstery and small hooks and branches become sparkling displays. Check out these creative ways to organize your necklaces and earrings and to display your most favorite pieces, too…

DIY jewelry storage ideas – Tailors bust

diy  jewelry storage ideas tailors bust pin broches


A tailors bust can make your room look like a designer’s studio. Brooches can be easily pinned into the pad.

DIY jewelry storage ideas – Colourful bracelets on vases

diy jewelry display bangles vases colourful way


Your bangles have a decorative task and not just on your wrist. Because the beautiful pieces can decorate vases, too.

diy jewelry storage ideas cheese grater earring organizer


Old items with new use because the chic earring holder was earlier a cheese grater.

diy jewelry storage ideas photo frame pins


Picture perfect: The jewels are presented In an old picture frame  …

diy jewelry storage ideas bowl plate painted feathers


From a small plate and a small bowl we have conjured up a small jewelry box. That both parts belong together, proves the self painted feather motif.

diy jewelry storage ideas cutting boards wall hooks


Old cutting boards can also serve as storage for jewelry. How so? Just add a few hooks …

diy jewelry storage ideas necklaces felt balls wall mirror


We have attached colorful knobs made of felt on the wall around the mirror, so you can watch at the same time whether the necklace also fits the top.

diy jewelry storage ideas display glasses pillows


Under the glass: This unusual storage for jewelry is a real eye-catcher! Under glasses, we placed small cloth pillow, presenting the finest pieces of jewelry.

diy jewelry storage ideas mirror frame pins decorative


Mirror, mirror on the wall, you’re the best storage for jewelry of them all …

diy jewelry organization ideas earrings broches pillow pins


Some DIY jewelry storage ideas can be so simple: Take a pillow and pin your earrings and brooches.

diy jewelry organizing ideas clothes hanger easy


No place for jewelry box or a tree? Well, on a hanger at the door or in the closet there is certainly still a place for the jewelry.

diy jewelry storage ideas display branch wall creative


Great jewelry can now be found on twigs and branches – as if a thieving magpie had forgotten them there.

diy jewelry storage ideas hand plaster jewelry shop


The classic for the jewelry store: Jewelry hand! Make it yourself …

diy jewelry storage organizing plaster hand plastic glove

diy earring tree cardboard creative jewelry storage idea

 diy jewelry storage ideas unusual display organizer


diy jewelry storage ideas tree branches bust grid earring organizer


diy jewelry storage glass tiered stand ikea

 diy jewelry organizing ideas hidden behind painting   diy jewelry storage tips hooks side chest drawers

diy jewelry storage tips drawer sections

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