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13 easy and creative decorating ideas for glass candle holders

13 easy and creative decorating ideas for glass candle holders

Candle holders are great when it comes to decorating, because they set the mood. Candles are inexpensive and suitable addition to the home decor for every season and occasion. However, you can customize them with these creative decorating ideas for glass candle holders.

1. Decorating glass candle holders with a transparent paper

glass candle holders transparent paper fork spoon


An empty jam jar transformed in a glass tealight holder! On the transparent paper around it you can glue cute designs. For a barbecue party, for example, a knife and a fork!

2. Glass candle holders decorated with pressed pansies

candle holders decorating idea pressed pansies silk paper


The pressed pansies on glass votives are pretty! Just press pansies between book covers and glue them on the glass lanters. Add strips of silk paper to complete the look.

3. Colorful lanterns in sandwich paper bags

glass candle holders wrapped sandwich paper  raffia ribbons


Make glass votive canles colorful by wrapping them in sandwich paper and tiying round a raffia ribbon.

4. Wine glass as glass candle lantern

glass candle holders wine glasses floating candles


This charming decoration does not take much: a wine glass, water, floating candles and tulip petals.

5. Glass votive holders in Asian style

candle holders asian style japanes newspaper sake cups


Simple but beautiful! Water glasses with newspaper wrapping from China or Japan, and the lantern is finished. Decor idea in Asian style!

6. Glass candle lanterns with lavender

glass candle decoration lavendel deliciously smell


These lanterns are not only very atmospheric, yet they also smell amazing!

7. Decorating glass lanterns with noodles

glass candle holders noodles italian themed dinner


The perfect decoration for an Italian themed evening. Very funny to see noodles in other forms too. Such as hearts, cars, or the good old letter noodles!

8. DIY glass candle holder with sea motifs

candle holders transparent paper printed sea motifs


Maritime flair on glass lanterns ensures the mood for summer. Use again transparent paper.

9. Convert a perserving jar in a glass candle centerpiece

glass candle holders do it yourself perserving jar satine paint


You need just a seas shell stensil, satine varnish, candles, raffia ribbon and finally sand and shells.

10. Decorating glass candle holders with lace ribbons

candle holders decorating idea lace romantic look


And this is how a  glass bottle and a candle colder got a romantic look!

11. Glass lantern with turquoise cande and shells

glass candle holders sea shells summer decor home

In search for sea shells? Here they are, as a decoration for marine glass lanterns!

12.  Glass candle holders with ginkgo leaves

decorating candle holders idea ginkgo leaves transparent paper


A simple but beautiful decoration idea … Just put the leaves between the glass and the transparent paper around the tealight.

13. Colorful lantern glasses with gift ribbon

glass holders candle gift ribbon gluing decorating

You can safely leave the paint brush aside, because these colorful strips are glued.

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